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Pulsedu web application is designed to support Indian and International schools plus colleges with a
provision of a seamless and integrated online admissions and enrolment system. We help in
reducing paperwork and streamlining of workflow that requires collecting of important documents,
managing a large number of applications and communication with applicants/families/guardians.

Our Services

Through an acknowledged online portal, we offer cutting-edge services to our clients. Our open source software enables schools and colleges to cater faster and efficient means to execute admission process. It is meant to serve both, the school management who are rendering admission as well as applicants who are looking to get admissions in various schools and colleges.

Through our multiple sections and fields in the web application, we enable users to put in precise details of information. This helps in managing of admission process at ease without any hassle. By regular logging in to the application, one can get updated about the admission status and know about various conditions such as acceptance, rejection and wait list category.



Applicants can submit enquiries as well as get access to FAQs and documents section.

They can also contact directly to the Admission manager in case of any further query.

Admission and re-enrolments forms are available and default fields such as ‘Nationality’ can also be set.

A proper checklist is available and submitting dates for certain formalities like scheduling tour and interview dates are asked for.

A complete stress free admission procedure.

Admission manager

He or she can easily filter and search applicants/students based upon aspects like DOB, status, year, gender, tags and checklist completion.

Applicant information can be fetched in different forms like PDFs, questionnaire and re-enrolment fill-ups.

A flexible checklist can be provided to undertake further steps like tours, submission, interviews and completion.

A personalized email for admission status and enrolment or waitlist can be sent via send notification/email option.


This feature is very helpful for monitoring overall re-enrolment in real-time. It helps to confirm their admission in the next session as well in the particular school.

The manager can filter the rogram or grade level for also sending bulk notifications for re-enrolment via email.

Re-enrolment forms can be customized and the fees can also be updated accordingly.

The manager can set a re-enrolment deadline date.

Families/parents re-enrolment is also done where details about existing family need to be updated if there is any change in automated information.

Real-time tracking and managing of application status.

Conversion and Analytics

Monitoring of admissions and enrolment statistics.

An enquiry and application conversion report can be overviewed.

A detailed analysis of enrolment based on academic year, total confirmed and remaining seats can be viewed.
Information about nationalities, home addresses and languages can be gathered in a graphical form.
Conversion information like declined to enroll and the reasons can be taken.
Administrative people can view responses for any field of any level/school/campus.