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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PulsEdu ?

PulsEdu simplifies the management of admissions by providing an alternative, efficient and effective online solution to paper forms. It facilitates the entire school community by providing a cloud-based open platform to handle registrations from enquiry to enrolment, be it families, applicants, administrators and staff.

Who needs to use PulsEdu ?

PulsEdu is just the apt partner, if you are a K-12 school and are looking for a web based application to run school management flawlessly in a simplified manner.

How much does PulsEdu cost ?

PulsEdu is provided on an annual subscription basis to schools. All other stakeholders can use it for free (families, applicants, administrators and staff)

What is needed for the setup to be done ?

If you have a paper form for your existing application, setting up is easy and fast. We will build your application form within 2-4 business days after signing up and work with you to configure your school account.
(It takes upto 6-8 weeks for a typical implementation process)

Do you offer a money back guarantee ?

We will be happy to answer all your queries before you sign-up, however there is no policy of money back guarantee after the 30 day trial period.

How does the system help you ?

The admission management is simpler, faster and more transparent for all stakeholders apart from its user friendly interface.

How can I get additional help and what kind of support do you offer ?

If you have any additional or support queries, kindly write to us at
We are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday. Additionally, we will walk through all aspects of the software with your admissions team to help them get better acquainted and work efficiently.

How will district schools be managed in terms of pricing ?

District schools are requested to write to us separately at

Is information on PulsEdu exportable ?

Yes, you will be able to export the information in excel, pdf and other formats.

Ready to begin ?

Get in touch with us to start your free trial.